Our medico legal expertise provided to attorneys in support of the following claims:

  • Road Accident
  • Medical Negligence
  • Loss of Support
  • Divorce (Maintenance)
  • Disability

Through our extensive knowledge of the world of work, we assist in determining:

·      Pre-morbid vs. post morbid career paths

·      Pre-morbid vs. post morbid earnings

·      Future employability

·      Loss of income / support

We provide attorneys with superior medico-legal services by following a detailed approach which includes:

·      Conducting in-depth, structured interviews with clients

·      Conducting research and collecting extensive collateral information to determine pre- and post-morbid career

·      Liaising with other medical experts

·      Researching latest salary trends and utilising the most current salary survey data to determine loss of income

·      Developing joint minutes with opposing Industrial Psychologists as and when needed

·      Participating in pre-trial consultations with attorneys, advocates and other experts

·      Acting as expert witness when required